Dividing Perennials, Herb Gardens and Pruning Lilacs

Learn when to cut back lavender, how to grow herbs in pots, and why your perennials may need dividing. Discover where to plant herbs. Hear about pruning lilacs and wisteria, brought to you by Dramm Rainwands.

:28   Plant Noob:  Dividing perennials  – how, why and when.
9:13   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Herb Garden Questions from the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival
20:57  Love Letters and Questions:  When should I prune lilacs and wisteria?

Some perennials, such as this yellow hakon grass, are hard to dig into. Be prepared with a sharp spade and perhaps a root-pruning saw. Other perennial plants, such as bee balm, Shasta daisies and daylilies are fairly easy to divide.

Herb gardens can be as relaxed or formal as you wish.

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