Fertilizing, Flowering Vines, and Elderberries

Ellen and C.L. talk about how often plants need fertilizer, and several flowering vines  you should know and grow. They review a product that treats poison ivy and poison oak and Ellen explains the difference between elderberry shrubs.

:38   True or False:    I need to fertilize all my gardens every year, right?
8:43    Eat/Drink/Grow:  Flowering Vines
17:37  Product Review:  Zanfel for Poison Ivy/Poison Oak
20:51  Love Letters and Questions   From one of the attendees of the Northweest Flower and Garden show: What’s the difference between the blue and purple elderberry flowers?

This is a Clematis Sweet Summer Love planted with a Climbing America Rose.

Elderberry shrubs are beautiful in flower and fruit. Many of them grow quite large, however, so plan accordingly.

Here is a Belgica honeysuckle growing with a Colette Climber rose.

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