Dock, Dill, May baskets, Stems, and Squash Bugs  

In this Plantrama episode Dock and Dill are on the spring menu, we vow to make May baskets this year, and look at stems from the point of view of science, art, and dinner. We end with Todd’s question about squash bugs in his vegetable garden. 

:30 What’s For Dinner: Dock and dill
9:05 Insider Information: May baskets
14:32 Eat/Drink/Grow:   Stems
22:43 Love Letters and Questions: Dealing with squash bug

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See Ellen’s Dock Tzadziki recipe here.

You can grow dill in the ground or in containers. Here dill and other herbs and vegetables are being grown in Smart Pots on a rooftop!

Fresh dill is wonderful in summer soups, salads, and on potatoes or fish. It’s also a key ingredient when making green beans into pickles.

May baskets can be made of heavy paper rolled into a cone, or paper cups and bowls. These were decorated with tissue paper shapes and white glue. You can fill your May baskets with cut flowers, small plants, candies or packets of seeds.

Stems and twigs can be wrapped, painted, assembled into sculptures or even photographed and made into an alphabet. Here is the Twigabet I created with an assortment of stems.

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