Edible Flowers, April Showers, and Skunk Cabbage

:32 What’s For Dinner? Edible Flowers   Whether you plant them or pick them in the wild, there are many spring flowers that will make your dinner table tastier and more attractive.

6:58 Insider Information: Skunk Cabbage   If you’ve gone for a walk in a boggy area this spring, you might have caught sight of this strange and fascinating plant.

11:47 Eat/Drink/Grow: April Showers From rain chains to rain barrels, rain gauges and rain gardens…we’re all about drizzle and downpour.

23:29 Did You Know: Elevating Pots Raising outdoor boxes and containers can create a more dramatic display and give decks and patios some breathing room.
Here are Ellen and C.L.’s favorite ways to elevate containers:
Terra Cotta Pot Feet
Round Wooden Plant Caddy
Large, Whitewashed Terra Cotta Pot Feet
This robin’s egg blue ceramic “garden stool” would make a great pot stand. Just be sure to use some Cling floral adhesive, between the bottom of the pot and the edge of the stool to prevent the pot from slipping off. Best in an area that isn’t windy.

27:32 Love Letters and Questions: Micah wants to know about the best time for feeding Bulbs

Ellen’s spring salad with redbud flowers looks as lovely as it tastes.

Skunk cabbage looks like little swamp aliens poking up in the early spring. Later, the large green leaves look similar to rhubarb.

In this photo you see two ways pots can be elevated. In the foreground, C.L. has used clay “pot feet.” In the background, she has turned a pot upside down to use as a stand.

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