Questions From NWFGS Seattle

Show notes for Episode 038
:40  What’s for dinner: Questions about wild-crafted cocktails and raised bed vegetables.

4:40  Plant noob: Can you have too much compost?

7:31  Eat/Drink/Grow:   We answer questions about deer, smart pots, dahlias, Rhododendron mulch, and under-planting Japanese maples.

23:11  Insider Information: Emptying a Gardener’s Supply cart, our favorite gardening books and plants, yellow jackets in pots, and why Linda hasn’t heard of us before.

We end with a follow-up email from Ryan, who attended the show and now is a Plantrama regular. Thanks, Ryan!

We answer a question about how to clean Smart Pots.

Ellen and C.L. had such fun answering questions from the audience at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

The displays at the Seattle flower show were as varied as the questions that came into Plantrama that day.

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