Eggplant, Frost Protection, Drying White Hydrangeas

C.L. and Ellen and talk about ways to prepare eggplant, protecting your fall crops from frost, taking cuttings of shrubs and tender plants, and drying white hydrangea flowers.

 :47  What’s for dinner:  Eggplant
11:08  Insider Information:  Protecting fall crops if an early freeze is predicted.
16:56  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Taking cuttings of woody plants and tender perennials.
26:26 Love Letters and Questions:  Kya writes to ask if she can dry her Hydrangea paniculata flowers
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Eggplants might be abundant in your garden right now. Here are some ideas for how to prepare them.

Floating row cover over bamboo hoops is one way to protect fall crops from an early frost.

See how some of these Hydrangea paniculata flowers are brown and others are white and pink? If you’re going to dry them, avoid the ones that have already turned brown.

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