Preserving Herbs, Pruning Large Shrubs and Cannabis Not Budding  

Learn the truth about calcium and the black blossom end rot on your tomatoes, hear about preserving the herbs you’ve grown, discover a better way to prone large shrubs, and find out why a Cannabis plant isn’t budding.

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:40  True or False:  Lack of calcium in the soil causes blossom end rot in tomatoes
8:05  Eat/Drink/Grow: Preserving Herbs
16:42   Insider Information:  Limbing Large Shrubs UP
20:43  Love Letters and Questions:   Cannabis not budding

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Some herbs can be preserved by being made into pesto with olive oil, and frozen in small patties on waxed paper. After they are frozen, gather the disks and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer.

These Rhododendrons were limbed up, exposing their trunks, instead of being cut back from the top. Rhodys and many other large shrubs make beautiful tree-forms.

Many junipers get butchered as they grow taller, but this one was well pruned! The longer, lower branches were cut over time, turning this shrub into a small tree. Kudos to the person who pruned this Juniper!

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