Encore Mulch, Nitrogen and Smart Weeds

Ellen and C.L. discuss whether the use of mulch robs the soil of nitrogen, and we take a dive into the Polygonaceae family…smart weeds and knotweeds. C.L. will be repeating the Hydrangea webinars this winter: details to come. And we answer a question about the odd, jelly-like forms that a listener has found on some junipers.

1:42  True or False: Mulch robs the soil of nitrogen.     
6:21  Eat/Drink/Grow: Is your weed smart or knot? 
12:31   Insider Information: Hydrangea webinars to be repeated in winter of 2023    
16:33  Love Letters and Questions: Aliens in the juniper!   

Thanks to our friends at Dramm:


Some people wonder if the mulch that they spread around their plants might take nitrogen out of the soil as it breaks down.

Smartweed flowers are quite pretty.

The Eastern red cedar, Juniperus virginiana, is the alternate host of cedar apple rust, which makes orange, jelly-like growths on junipers.

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