Encore of Yellow Leaves, Fall Vegetables and Bringing Houseplants Inside

In this end-of-August episode, C.L. and Ellen discuss how to tell why the leaves on your plant are turning yellow. They explain that noticing which leaves are yellowing, and where they are, can help explain why this is happening. Next the Plantrama team explains some botanic terms, and discusses what to forage for or plant in your vegetable garden right now. The episode ends with advice to Sandy about when to bring her houseplants back inside after they have spent the summer out of doors.

:38 Plant Noob: Yellow Leaves – how to know what causes this?

9:42 Insider Information: Angiosperm and Gymnosperm – what do these terms mean?  

11:26 Eat/Drink/Grow: Fall Planting and Foraging     

22:23 Love Letters and Questions: Sandy wonders “when does houseplant summer camp end?”


With thanks for the support from Dramm https://rainwand.com/

A photo of a yellow “sticky card” aka whitefly trap. It’s easy to use an old fork to hold them, and stick that into a pot where you think the fungus gnats are breeding. Use yellow sticky cards to trap insects that may come in with houseplants that have been at summer camp.

Crabapples are one fruit that you can pick or forage for in the fall.

Rose hip soup from Ellen’s Backyard Buffet.

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