Frozen Greens, Cannas, and Peroxide in the Garden

In this episode you’ll hear about ways to prepare the chard, kale or other greens you froze last summer. Learn why water beads up on some leaves, all about Cannas, and if hydrogen peroxide is a good thing to use on plant problems.

:30  What’s for dinner: Greens from the freezer
4:22 Insider Information: What are “Hydrophobic leaves?”
8:55 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Cannas
17:42 Love Letters and Questions:  Samantha asked about using hydrogen peroxide in the garden

Ellen blanches stinging nettle greens before eating or freezing them.

Lady’s mantle is an example of leaves that hold drops of water like diamonds on display.


There are so many wonderful varieties of Cannas! They are worth growing for the foliage alone.

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