Garden Hors D’oeuvres, Natural Office Surroundings, and Outdoor Entertaining

In this late-August episode of Plantrama, Ellen and C.L. begin by talking about great snacks and hors d’oeuvres that you can pick out of your yards and gardens. Next we turn away from food (hard to imagine, right?) and get back to the office. The outdoor office that is…we consider why working among the flowers and foliage is good for you and can even help you be more productive. In our Eat/Drink/Grow segment C.L. and Ellen offer ideas for quick improvements that can be made to yards and gardens in advance of summer gatherings. Whether you’re having a family reunion, rehearsal dinner, barbecue, or party, we offer ideas for fast color, decorations and hiding eyesores. Our fourth segment answers the plant noob’s query: “Will this plant come back or is it dead?”

And as always we answer a question that came in via email, and remind you to grow great things, protect wild places, and play in the dirt.


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