Growing Garnishes, Deadheading and Irrigation

In this episode C.L. and Ellen begin by talking about unusual garnishes that you just might have in your own backyard. Whether you are using plants to add excitement (think flavor, fragrance and appearance) to a drink or food on a plate, the possibilities abound.

Next, we talk about what a plant noob might be wondering: what is deadheading and do I have to do it? Ellen and C.L. give you the pros and cons of cutting the wilted flowers off annuals, perennials and shrubs.

In our Eat/Drink/Grow section, we tackle “the irritation of the irrigation” and how to best water plants in the landscape. And after everything has had a good, deep drink, we go on vacation and share how you can add the wonder of plants and gardens to every trip. After some general suggestions, Ellen and C.L. give two “you’ve got to see this!” garden suggestions for travelers. As always, we end this episode by answering a question that’s come in from a listener.

Ellen pickles daylily buds when they are small.

You too can serve a Dirty Daylily Martini, even after the daylilies have stopped flowering!

Find a link to the recipe for pickling daylily buds here.
Discover how to make The Dirty Daylily Martini here.

Thanks for listening! Until next time, remember to grow great things, protect wild places, and play in the dirt.

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