Green Tomatoes, Saving Tropical plants and Raccoons Eating Corn

Ellen and C.L. discuss what to do with green tomatoes, saving tropical plants over the winter, and how plants get their names. We end by answering Kirk’s question about raccoons eating the sweet corn he grew this year.

:31 What’s For Dinner: Green Tomatoes.
4:48 Eat/Drink/Grow: Saving Caladiums, Mandevilla and Cannas for next year.
16:55 Insider Information: How plants get their names
23:47 Love Letters and Questions: Kirk says the raccoons ate all his corn!

Frost is expected! You can pick these green tomatoes and either cook with them immediately, or let them ripen a bit indoors.

Caladiums are lovely summer annuals in northern climates. They can be saved from year to year.

C.L. shares Kirk’s pain in this episode. Here is what the raccoons did to the corn in her community garden plot.

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