Fall Cocktails, Winter Protection and Growing Fig Trees

We start off this podcast with a toast to fall as Ellen presents an autumnal cocktail…a frozen persimmon margarita! We discuss protecting plants for the winter (should you?) and growing figs in cold climates. The glorious, fall-flowering goldenrod is a plant we celebrate, and we’re happy to announce the arrival of Plantrama shirts and other merch. Find Ellen’s recipe for the cocktail here.

:31 autumnal cocktails 
4:35 winter protection
13:10 figs
23:04 goldenrod
27:34 Plant 911/merch

Here is the Frozen Persimmon Margarita that we are using to toast to fall.

No protection would be better than this! This is not only ugly, but likely to damage the plants underneath the fabric.

Not only is this ugly, but it didn’t work to protect hydrangea stems. (Note that no other wrapping works to protect non-bud-hardy blue hydrangeas either. Not burlap, not hay.)

This brown turkey fig is ripe. wait until you see the white “cracks” in the skin before picking.

Yes…this is how C.L.’s garage looks in the winter with the fig trees stored down the center of the space.

Plantrama Gear

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