Heavy Amaryllis Flowers, Cuttings and Cyclamen

In this just-after-the-solstice episode, Ellen and C.L. discuss how to use juniper berries, supporting heavy amaryllis flowers, taking cuttings and keeping Cyclamen alive after the holidays.

:30 What’s for dinner: What can you use juniper berries for?
5:00 Insider Information: Supporting heavy Amaryllis flowers
9:57 Eat/Drink/Grow: Taking Cuttings – which plants should you take cuttings from, how and when.
22:22 Love Letters and Questions: How to keep Cyclamen alive

Find Ellen’s Smreka recipe here.

C.L. has found a huge crop of Juniper berries this year! These are especially dark blue…some are more of a gray-blue color.

Ellen encourages C.L. to try fermenting Smreka, made with juniper berries.

Here are a few ways to support heavy amaryllis flowers using red twig dogwood sticks.

This flower stem was supported with one of the bamboo sticks sold for roasting marshmallows.

When taking cuttings, remove most of the top leaves.


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