Grafting, Starting Pepper Plants, and Rice Alternatives

We start out discussing what can be substituted for rice when you cook. Our main segment is about grafted plants, and we end with a discussion about vegetable seeds that you might want to start in the winter, and whether it’s worth it to save a poinsettia from year to year.

:30  What’s For Dinner  Alternatives to rice
9:58   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Grafting and Grafted Plants
   Insider Information:  Vegetable seeds that get started early.
22:29   Love Letters and Questions:  Kenny wrote: Poinsettia…save it or not?”

Ellen might poo-poo C.L.’s cauliflower risotto, but it was darn good and even C.L.’s Italian husband was impressed.

Here is a Hydrangea paniculata tree form that was grafted. The arrow points to the graft.

These pepper seeds were planted in early March, under lights and on a heat-mat. They sprouted about 12 days after sowing.

Poinsettias are full and lush when they come from a professional grower. Is it worth it to save them from year to year in the average home? For once, Ellen and C.L. agree.

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