Heavy Amaryllis Flowers, Seed Catalogs and Houseplant Vacation Care

In this episode we talk about using Sumac as a spice, how to keep those huge and how to prevent those heavy Amaryllis flowers from falling over and breaking off. In the main segment we discuss seed catalogs and end with Fred’s question about how he can keep his houseplants alive when he’s away on vacation. Plus a link to The Wild Spice Cabinet, Ellen’s online course.

:30 What’s for dinner: Using Sumac as a spice.
Find Ellen’s on-line spice class here.
5:39  Insider Information: Supporting Amaryllis flowers
13:25 Eat/Drink/Grow: The seed catalogs are out!
19:15 Love Letters and Questions: Keeping houseplants alive while you’re on vacation.

Yes, the Sumac you see growing on the side of the road can be used as a flavoring for a number of dishes.

Here the tall Amaryllis stems are supported by red twig dogwood branches that are twined and wired together.

This Amaryllis stem is held up by three thin sticks.

C.L. supported this heavy Amaryllis bloom with a dowel and a green ribbon.

The seed catalogs are out!


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