Taming Overgrown or Too Large Gardens and Garden Design Tips

​We begin this episode with the importance of planting something new “at ground level.” Next Ellen and C.L. discuss what to do if your gardens have grown too large or unmanageable. We give garden design tips and end with Kerry’s request for different holiday plant suggestions.

:30    Plant Noob: The importance of digging a large enough hole.
6:21   Eat/Drink/Grow: What to do if your garden beds have “gotten away from you.”
17:27   Garden Design Tips:  Straight lines are formal, groups are less so. Why odd numbers are important.
21:24   Love Letters and Questions Kerry asks for suggestions for holiday plants that aren’t Christmas Cactus, Cyclamen or Poinsettias.

This tree was planted too deeply. We scraped away the soil to reveal the root flare, and that’s where “ground level” should be. Other plants often get planted too high so that the roots are showing…equally harmful for the plant.

If you find that all of your gardens are filled with weeds that you don’t have the time or energy to pull, your garden has gotten away from you. Time to reduce the load by scaling back!

This is an example of a more formal planting. When everything does well it looks neat and pleasing…but think of how it would look if a few of these plants died?

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