Juniper Berries, Begonias and Orchid Pots

Learn about eating juniper berries, bodacious begonias, pots for orchids and keeping cats away from plants.

:30 What’s For Dinner:  Juniper berries
6:49 Eat/Drink/Grow: Growing Begonias
17:50 Insider Information:  Do you need special orchid pots for your orchids?
20:40 Love Letters and Questions:    Mark: My cat continues to want to climb my large monstera and dracanea plants!

Link to American Begonia Society:

This branch was loaded with lovely juniper berries!

Naturally fermenting smreka…a drink from juniper berries.

These look like thorns but they are very soft hairs on the stems of the Immense begonia.

The Immense Begonia is great when the morning light shines in the window.

This Begonia flowers in the winter for C.L. and continues for awhile when placed outside in the early summer.

It’s fine for a cat to get off on playing with or eating catnip…but you don’t want your feline eating houseplants.


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