Houseplant Fertilizers, Avocados and Cranberry Plants

Hear Ellen and C.L. discuss fertilizers for houseplants, the amazing avocado, and cranberries, wild and cultivated.

:30 True or False:  You have to use special fertilizer for each type of indoor plant.
5:23 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Avocados are AMAZING!
14:40 Love Letters and Questions:  Do cranberries grow under water?

People have asked if they need to use a different fertilizer for each type of plant that they grow. Here are some of C.L.’s plant and one brand of fertilizer she likes.

C.L. and her husband like going to farmers’ markets in California to see the wide variety of avocados sold there.

Some varieties of avocado are never found in stores in the Eastern United States…a pity!

These are cranberries on a wild cranberry plant.

Here is how cranberries are harvested in a bog near where C.L. lives on Cape Cod.

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