Late Planting or Transplanting, Outdoor Furniture in Winter, and Indoor Green Walls

Have you wondered what people mean when they talk about a plant’s dripline, or if you can still put plants in the ground in October? Do you want to know if you can leave your outdoor furniture in the elements over the winter, or if it’s possible to have one of those Pinterest-posted green walls indoors? If so, this episode is for you!

:30  Plant Noob:   What’s a “dripline?”
3:03   Eat/Drink/Grow: Is it too late to plant or transplant?
16:43   Your Outdoor Office: Bring the chairs and tables inside or leave
them out?
20:02   Love Letters and Questions: Tina asks how to make a green wall

The red lines drawn from the outermost branches show the dripline of this tree.

Outdoor furniture can be beautiful to look at all winter, especially when freshly coated with snow.

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