Ornamental Fun With Fall Grasses, Leaving the Leaves, and Wild Grapes

C.L. and Ellen explain how you can make your ornamental grasses look amusing and fun for the fall into the winter holidays. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks to not raking the leaves out of your gardens, and talk about wild grape vines. The episode ends with Sara’s question about her houseplants that got frosted.

:30     Just For Fun: Making ornamental grasses look festive.
3:33     Insider Information: Should you be leaving the leaves?
11:28   Eat/Drink/Grow: Grapes growing wild!
21:50   Love Letters and Questions Sara writes about her plants that got frosted.

A Miscanthus tied with a festive bow.

Some love to leave leaves because they help over-wintering butterflies and other critters. Some let them stay as a light winter protection. But others, like C.L.’s dog Riley, just want to roll in them and have a good time.

Wild Grapes!


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