Low-Light Houseplants, Money Plant and Cleaning Indoor Foliage

It’s all houseplants all the time in this episode of Plantrama. Ellen and C.L. give advice about cleaning the leaves of indoor plants, talk about the many Calatheas that grow well with less light, and answer a question abot the tropical known as “money plant.”

:36   Plant Noob: Ways to clean off houseplants in the winter
6:52  Eat/Drink/Grow: Calatheas – low-light house plants.
22:07  Love Letters and Questions Nicki asks:  “How do I grow Pachira aquatica, aka money plant?

Ignore the advice you may read online to use mayonnaise to clean the leaves!!! Gross.)

This peace lily is small enough to put in the shower once a year in order to give it a good washing. But if your pots are too large to make this possible, best to use a damp cloth.

Goeppertia insignis, the rattlesnake plant, is the calathea on the left, and a Calathea makoyana on the right – both great plants for a northern facing window.

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