Drying Herbs, Pruning Evergreens, and Bird Attack

 The Plantrama team discusses the advice to hang herbs upside down for drying, and whether you should prune evergreens now. We end with a letter from a listener about doing battle with the birds.

:31   True or False:    Hanging herbs upside down to dry them helps the flavors (or in the case of Cannabis, the cannabinoids) drain into the leaves/buds.
2:27   Eat/Drink/Grow:   Pruning evergreens now.
18:52   Love Letters and Questions: Alexander and the battle with the birds.

When drying herbs, should you be hanging them upside down?

You can prune needled evergreens in the late-fall and winter, but not spring-flowering evergreens such as Rhododendrons or Pieris.

This is not Anthony’s bird…we just loved C.L.’s photo of a bird with attitude, so are using it here. Apologies to this bird if he/she feels falsely portrayed.


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