Nuts, House Plants and Late Migrating Hummingbirds

​Hear about nuts for dinner, houseplants that will make you smile, and late-to-migrate hummingbirds. We also answer Kim’s question about perennial garden cleanup in the fall.

:30     What’s For Dinner  Nuts!
11:17    Eat/Drink/Grow:  House Plants that will make you happy all winter
20:30   Insider Information: Supporting late-to-migrate hummingbirds.
23:18   Kim writes: Do I need to clear out a perennial garden? Does a garden really need to be “put to bed?”

Some of C.L.’s houseplants go to “summer camp” under her grape arbor. She and Ellen talk about plants that will make you happy this winter.

Did you know that not all hummingbirds fly south at the same time? If you have some frost-tolerant nectar sources, such as pineapple sage, or keep your feeders up and freshly stocked, you’ll support those birds who are still building up strength for the trip.

These were the houseplants that made Janice Albertson, C.L.’s mother, happy when she was in an assisted living apartment.

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