Root Crops, Plant Protection and Flies

Ellen and C.L. talk about root crops – potatoes, and sunchokes – and what “open pollinated” means. We discuss the pros and cons of protecting plants for the winter, and answer a listener’s question about plants that draw flies. 

:36 What’s for dinner:   Root Crops: Potatoes and Sunchokes
5:55  Insider Information:  What does “open pollinated” mean?
10:34   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Should Your Plants be protected for the winter?    
23:00  Love Letters and Questions: Chris emails: “First time writer, long time listener. I have a fly question.”

When you’re harvesting in September, you’re likely to be digging root crops. Beets, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, and potatoes all feature on our dinner tables at this time of year. (The beets in this basket are with a fennel bulb and a leek.)

Potatoes are on C.L.’s mind as she freezes them as French fries, twice-baked, and smashed potatoes.

Should you cover or wrap plants to protect them over the winter? Ellen and C.L. question why you’d want to live with “upholstered shrubs.”

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