Perennial Plants and Perennial Gardens in Fall

Hear what plant people mean when they talk about “the canopy,” learn about a must-have book if you grow perennials, and find out what you can do in perennial gardens in the fall. Plus a look at what’s growing in C.L.’s “bunny bin.” 

:40   Plant Noob:   What is “the canopy?”
2:26  Insider Information: the “bunny bin”
5:54  Book Review: Herbaceous Perennial Plants – Fourth Edition by Allan Armitage
Find Allan’s book here.
10:19 Eat/Drink/Grow:  The perennial garden in autumn.
22:13  Love Letters and Questions:   A shout out to Andree.

Here is C.L.’s “bunny bin” – no rabbits allowed!

Perennial gardens have a particular magic in the fall. Ellen and C.L. discuss what to do in your perennial gardens this month.

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