Vegetable Garden Wrap-up, Dandelions and Chestnuts

It’s time to take stock of the vegetable garden and consider what thrived and which crops were a bust. Ellen and C.L. discuss why Ellen loves to forage for chestnuts, and how she cooks them, plus we answer a question about dandelion foliage in the lawn.

:35 What’s For Dinner:  Chestnuts!
8:02 Eat/Drink/Grow:  Veggie Garden Wrap Up
22:35 Love Letters and Questions:   Neil emails about the dandelions in his lawn.

Link to Ellen’s recipe for chestnut soup.
Link to Ellen’s recipe for chestnut mousse.

Ellen makes a mousse out of chestnuts – very rich and extremely yummy!

What did well in your vegetable garden this year? What was a bust? Send us your questions and let us know how it went.

Neil is finding dandelion greens in his lawn. Problem?

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