Pickles, Small Trees, and Dealing with Bare Spots

What can you pickle this summer? Should you buy a tree that’s tiny? Ellen and C.L. discuss these topics, plus what to do with bare or just unattractive spots in the garden, and whether summer planting makes sense in July.

:29    What’s for dinner:  Pickles.
7:12    Insider Information: Don’t be afraid to start with small shrubs and trees!
12:30   Eat/Drink/Grow:   Dealing with bare areas where plants have died or construction had to happen.
22.52   Love Letters and Questions:  Bailey wrote about moving to a new property in the heat of the summer.

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These are some of the green beans that C.L. pickled. They are flavored with dill, garlic and hot peppers.

One way to fill an empty place is with a colorful pot filled with flowers.

An object that “stops the eye” can be placed anywhere you need to distract people from looking at a bare or unattractive location.

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