Mulch Killing Weeds, Citrus from Seeds, and a Robot Weeder

Have you wondered how, or if, mulch kills weeds? Have you tried to grow a citrus plant from a seed? Ellen and C.L. discuss these topics, and answer Dianna’s question about her kousa dogwood that isn’t doing well. Plus C.L. tells Ellen and our listeners about a robot that weeds in gardens.

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:28   Plant Noob:   Does mulch kill weeds?
6:47    Eat/Drink/Grow: Some considerations when growing citrus from Seed.
14:02   Check THIS Out!:    Tertill: a solar-powered, robot weeder.  Check out the Tertill in action in this video.
and look at the Tertill website here.
18:13  Love Letters and Questions    From Dianna: “I purchased a kousa dogwood from a landscaper and they installed it for me.”

Ellen hates dyed mulch – this one is cedar mulch, but it is dyed red. In general, mulch that is finer suppresses weeds better than big chunks of mulch. And by the way, the myth that cedar mulch keeps away insects is not true.

Chopped leaves make great mulch in perennial gardens and around shrubs and trees.

This is a photo of the Tertill from their website. Be sure to look at the video linked here in the show notes! In the right situation, the Tertill is a wonderful tool that will save gardeners a great deal of time.

Our main segment is about growing citrus from seed. We discuss how hybrids don’t usually come true from seed, and that it takes some number of years for a tree to be mature enough to bloom. Plus other considerations for growing citrus plants.

Our question from a listener is about a Cornus kousa dogwood tree that was recently planted. We discuss the tree’s shape, and ask if the landscapers who installed it left the burlap and wire or cord on…a definite no-no.

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