Plant Empowerment and Bromeliad Bloom

The Plantrama team discuss a botanic term for plants that put leaves straight up out of the ground (no stems!), and answer a listener’s question about a Bromeliad that hasn’t made more blooms. Ellen and C.L. present a new segment: Plant Empowerment, which explains how to make a passion for plants into a profession. We start with custom container plantings.

 :33    Plant Noob:   Acaulescent plants
2:38    Eat/Drink/Grow:  Plant Empowerment!
25:33    Love Letters and Questions    Jennifer wrote about a Bromeliad that isn’t flowering.

A Yucca is an example of an acaulescent plant.

This is one of the many container gardens that Ellen Zachos did for clients in NYC.

Part of designing containers for clients is figuring out how they will get watered, and who will do the weekly maintenance such as deadheading and fertilizing. Ellen Zachos shares her professional experience with this job on our new segment on Plantrama.

Our question today comes from a listener whose bromeliad isn’t flowering again.

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