Eggshells, Moss and Terrariums

The Plantrama team discusses the common belief that eggshells provide quick calcium for plants. Next we look at the myths, misunderstandings and misuse of moss, and end with a question about making a terrarium.

:30  True or False:  Eggshells are good calcium for gardens
4:45  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Moss.
21:37  Love Letters and Questions:  Ricci asks about terrariums

Although putting eggshells in your garden won’t hurt anything (although if you don’t bury them they may attract critters…) they are not a quick source of calcium.

Moss will grow almost anywhere…on rocks, logs, in your lawn or on top of soil. Ellen and C.L. talk about common moss myths and how to get it growing in your own garden.

Nuff said.

This is the terrarium in an aquarium that Ellen created for a client.

Terrariums can be made in many different types of jars.

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