Propagating Succulents, Insect Lifecycles, and Collecting Rainwater

C.L. and Ellen explain that succulents are easy to propagate, and talk about why we should care about the life cycle of insects. The episode ends with a discussion about collecting rainwater for houseplants.

:30   Plant Noob:   How to propagate succulents
9:41       Eat/Drink/Grow:   Life cycle of most insects…
18:42   Love Letters and Questions:   Paul writes: “A friend told me that I should be collecting rainwater for my houseplants.  True?”

Succulents like this variegated agave often produce side shoots (aka “pups”) that can be pulled off and planted. The paddle plant next to it can be rooted by cutting off a piece of stem or leaf and putting it in soil.

Cacti and other succulents are so easy to propagate that many people end up with large collections!

This periodical cicada spent a long time in its pupal stage.

Monarch larvae are usually called caterpillars.




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