Pumpkin Spice Plantrama! 

For better or worse, in this episode Ellen and C.L. are delving into Pumpkin Spice. We start talking about allspice, and then do a deep dive into the plants that produce the flavors in the most popular seasonal latte offered at local coffee shops.

:30   True or False:    Allspice is a mix of several spices.
3:44  Eat/Drink/Grow: Where do real pumpkin spices come from?
22:32   Love Letters and Questions    Megan writes to ask if dried herbs and spices can go bad.

Thanks to our friend, artist and illustrator John Sullivan of Cape Cod, for the use of his very expressive painted pumpkins!

C.L. rescued this tin of old Allspice from her grandmother’s house in the 1970’s. Clearly it had been in her grandmother’s kitchen for a LONG time.

These are the traditional spices that go into the blend called “pumpkin pie spice.” They are the flavors used in most “pumpkin spice” seasonings. (These newer containers from C.L.’s spice rack.)

More old tins from Dorothy Grout Young’s kitchen in Colorado.



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