Do you need to repot an orchid? Want to grow a cup-a-Joe in your living room? Maybe you’re interested in saving seeds from plants you’ve grown in your garden, or you need a handy tool for deadheading and cutting flower bouquets. If any of this is of interest, have we got a podcast for you!

:28  Plant Noob: How to repot an Orchid
10:42  Eat/Drink/Grow: Coffee plants
18:27  Product Review: Product review…garden snips by Corona and Dramm
22:17 Love Letters and Questions: Randi asks about saving seeds.

This photo shows which roots are vital and growing, and which ones have rotted and need to be clipped out.

C.L. reacts with horror when she stumbles on a wilted coffee plant in a hotel lobby. This plant recovered once it was watered well and pulled away from the sunny window for a few hours.

Dramm snips on the left and Corona on the right. We have two pairs of each so that there are always some handy near the houseplants, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds or when foraging. These are also good for trimming Cannabis plants.


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