Roasted Vegetables, Mothballs and Clay Soil

In this “best of Plantrama” episode Ellen and C.L. encourage you to roast your veggies and foraged foods, whether you’re serving them immediately or freezing them for the future. We badmouth the use of mothballs in the garden, talk about the role of bacteria and answer a question about gardening in clay soils.

:42  What’s for dinner: Roasted vegetables and foraged edibles
5:28 True or False: Use mothballs to repel animals in the garden?
7:56: Eat/Drink/Grow: Bacteria…the good, the bad, and the ugly
15:10  Love Letters & Questions: Chelsea asks about gardening in clay.

Roasted zucchini can be used immediately on a pizza, in pasta or salad, or in soup. You can also freeze it for the winter.

Leeks, pictured here, can also be roasted. And don’t forget just about every other vegetable.

Don’t put mothballs in your garden! Don’t do it.

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