Summer Cocktails, Pruning and Storm Damage

We begin with summer cocktails in this best of Plantrama episode, then go on to talk about summer pruning, hail and dealing with storm damage. Ellen and C.L. are also united in their dislike of landscape fabric.

1:51  What’s for dinner:      Summer Cocktails
6:46   Insider Information:  Hail
9:36   Eat/Drink/Grow:  Summer Pruning
14:54   The Plant Noob:  Landscape Cloth
21:57   Love Letters & Questions:  Summer Storm Damage

Hail can do significant damage to plants. Since hail often comes on quickly, there usually is no chance to protect tender foliage.

Do you have a favorite summer cocktail recipe? This drink features rings of spicy peppers that add a summer zing!

Here is a great photo that shows why weed cloth/fabric doesn’t work.

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