Rosemary, Native Switch Grass, and Moldy Cannabis

This episode gives you some hints about growing and cooking with rosemary. Ellen and C.L. discuss what makes a plant deserve the label of “invasive” and we talk about Panicum virgatum, aka switch or panic grass. And speaking of panicking…P.J. writes about mold on his Cannabis buds.

:30 What’s for dinner: Rosemary
6:27 True or False: A plant that spreads quickly is invasive and should be avoided.
11:51 Eat/Drink/Grow: Panicum virgatum – aka switch grass
16:45 Love Letters and Questions: P.J. writes to say that his cannabis plants molded!

This photo of a Salem rosemary in C.L.’s kitchen shows two things of interest. One is the tender, leggy growth that these plants can produce inside in the winter. (Cut this off and use it in cooking.) Secondly, that growth is wilted, indicating that this plant is thirsty.


Panicum virgatum, aka switch grass or panic grass, is a soft, native grass that works best in larger gardens.


This is a shot of Cannabis buds that have gray mold on them. This plant was growing outside in the fall and the weather turned wet and cool. These buds were discarded.



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