Seed Planning, Catching Up, and See You In Seattle

Ellen and C.L. talk about three interesting edibles from the True Leaf Market catalog, explain what they’re working on and catch up with some listener emails. They end by talking about seven seed starting tips offered by our friends at Gardeners Supply Company, and invite listeners to join them at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.

:30 What’s For Dinner: Our top picks from the True Leaf Market catalog.
7:23 Eat/Drink/Grow:   What’s new with the Plantrama team.
19:46 Insider Information: 7 tips for seed starting

Join us in Seattle!    We’ll be speaking and recording on Friday Feb 17th at 5:15 – the Plantrama Top 10.

This Amaranth is one of the seeds that C.L. was thrilled to see that True Leaf Market carries.

See you in Seattle! Ellen and C.L. will be presenting a talk on Friday evening…Plantrama’s Top Ten. Come hear about edibles, shrubs, tools, cocktails and more.


Thanks to our flower show sponsor, True Leaf Market

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