Tasty meals, New Plant Discoveries and a Dormant Period

We’re talking about garlic and crabapples, plants that are new to our hearts, and some interesting research on bulbs done at Cornell University. Plus some words of appreciation for all of our listeners…Plantrama people are the best!

See the Cornell bulb research here.

:27 What’s For Dinner: What C.L.and Ellen love for tasty meals.
5:14 Eat/Drink/Grow:   New Plants…new to us, that is.
15:21 Insider Information:   Bulb research from Cornell University
23:03 Love Letters and Questions:  We’re entering a dormant period, but here’s our shout out to all of our listeners.

Here are the garlic varieties that C.L. loves to plant every October.

Yikes! Just when C.L. says on the podcast that she’s never seen a hummingbird come to her Lochroma cyaneum, one shows up to prove her wrong. This plant is also called Lochroma cyanea, Lochroma tubulosa, Lochroma tubulosum, Blue Trumpet Flower, Mini Angels Trumpet, and Purple Tube Flower.

Ellen introduces us to Monardella macrantha ‘Marion Sampson’ aka scarlet monardella. (zones 6-9)

In C.L.’s garden the tangle of Verbena ‘Bampton’ makes a nice contrast with larger-leaf annuals such as New Guinea Impatiens and Golden Delicious Pineapple Sage.

Ellen and I have been thrilled to be recording Plantrama episodes since 2017. Here’s a photo taken at Podcast Movement, when this podcaster convention was held in Philadelphia.

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