Spice Rubs, String-of-Pearls Plant and Starting COVID Gardens

Discover spice rubs, a hot “Curio” houseplant, and hear what to do with the bulbs and other plants you haven’t yet placed into the ground. 

:30  What’s for dinner: Spice Rubs for Meat and Tofu
5:18  Insider Information:  A suddenly “hot houseplant” – Curio rowleyanus, syn. Senecio rowleyanus
9:34    Eat/Drink/Grow:   When you forgot to put bulbs or other plants into the ground.
17:24  Love Letters and Questions:  Did you start a “Covid Garden?”  How was your experience? We want to hear your stories. How did planting make you feel? What was the most problematic thing, and what was the most joyful aspect of the process? Email us!

The Link for Ellen’s Wild Spice Cabinet online course: https://backyard-forager.thinkific.com/courses/The-Wild-Spice-Cabinet

A suddenly “hot houseplant” – Curio rowleyanus, syn. Senecio rowleyanus aka bead plant or string-of-pearls

Shrubs, trees and perennials that haven’t been put in the ground might be over-wintered by sinking pots in a vegetable garden or other open place. Or they can be put in a cold garage…but never in a warm house.

Garden centers had trouble keeping benches filled with vegetables in 2020; people wanted to grow a garden due to the pandemic.

Garden allotments (aka community gardens) were popular in 2020!


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