Bulbs Growing In Fall and a Plant-Filled Zoom Room

In this episode we consider how drought and snow effect plants, creating a plant-filled Zoom Room, and spring bulbs that come up before spring.

:30  Plant Noob:  Is snow hard on plants?
7:05  Eat/Drink/Grow:  Drought!  The long-term consequences of dry periods.
14:23  A Plant-Filled Zoom Room: How to create a lush environment for your virtual work.
20:30   Love Letters and Questions   Cara writes:  “Some of my bulbs are coming up!  I think they believe it’s spring…

Is snow hard on plants? A heavy, wet snow can sometimes bend plants over or even pull them out of the ground. But a light snow, as seen here, does no damage.​

These Rhododendrons have significant drought damage after a hot summer with little rain for four months.

A room full of plants is perfect for your Zoom Room! You’ll need a shade on the window to pull down while you’re on a virtual meeting in the day.

I can’t resist posting this shot of a display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show…it is my fantasy Zoom Room!

Bulbs can tolerate growing in the snow and even winter temperatures. Trust that they know what they’re doing.


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