Spring Tonic Salads, Lemon Balm Herb, and Coconut Coir

Get inspired to make a spring salad containing flower petals, hear about how a native plant in one area might be invasive elsewhere, and learn about a lemon-scented herb. The episode ends with a question about coconut coir.

:31 What’s For Dinner: Spring tonic salads
4:28 Eat/Drink/Grow: A plant that’s native in one place (and oh-so-beneficial) might be harmful in another location.
13:01 Insider Information: All about the herb called Lemon Balm.
17:38 Love Letters and Questions Cory wants to know what coconut coir is used for.

This is one version of a spring tonic salad. New lettuce greens, sprouts, asparagus and tulip petals are a delicious spring celebration.

In North American the goldenrods are native and valuable for wildlife. In other areas, they are not so benign.

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