Stuffed Vegetables, Watering Lawns and Planting in Cracks

Stuffing vegetables gets this episode off to a tasty start. Ellen and C.L. also consider the watering of lawns, how to grow plants in cracks of pavers, and what might cause a peony not to flower well.

:45  What’s for dinner: Stuff it!  Stuffed vegetables and flowers.  
6:03  True or False: Lawns need to be watered every other day.
Eat/Drink/Grow: Planting in the cracks.
Love Letters and Questions: Peony blooming question from Elizabeth

Link to the stuffed tomatoes recipe and more photos here.

Cut the top off of large, garden ripe tomatoes and mix the insides with olive oil, rice and basil.

This is how the dish looks after cooking. Serve this at room temperature, not hot or cold.

Nature plants weeds in cracks. For most people, it isn’t getting the plants to grow in between pavers that’s the problem. It’s keeping the weeds down. There are thyme plants growing in these cracks but the weeds hide them.

A string trimmer can cut down weeds. It’s kind of tedious work, but if you do it every week it’s not that bad…says she who has her husband do it. 😉 

Worth it to have the weeds tamed. The moss remains and fills many cracks well.

Whether growing peonies for cutting or to leave in the garden, we want there to be dozens of buds!


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