Weed Control, Brambles, and Pinching Cannabis

If you’re wondering about growing blackberries or raspberries, want to know how to use a hoe for weed control or how to pinch your cannabis plants for bushy growth, this episode will help. Plus foraging for pineapple weed and growing pineapple sage.

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:35    What’s for dinner:    Pineapple weed, pineapple sage
6:32  Insider Information:  When to use a hoe to control weeds in vegetable/annual/perennial gardens.
9:33  Eat/Drink/Grow:   Brambles!    Black raspberries, blackberries, raspberries
22:53 Love Letters and Questions:  Tim writes to ask about pinching cannabis plants grown outside.

We mention this link to the herb society.

This variety of pineapple sage, Golden Delicious, has yellow leaves and the same bright red flowers as the species.

Blackberries grow well in full sun or part-shade. This is a thornless variety grown on the side of a shed.

The very top growth on this Cannabis plant has just been pinched off.

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