Pruning to Reduce Size, Pine needles and Milkweed

Ellen and C.L. talk about the possibility of pruning to reduce a plant’s size, plus information about milkweed.  We discuss pine needles in compost and how to keep a hanging basket looking great.

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1:15      Plant Noob:     Can I make my shrub or tree smaller?
8:49      Eat/Drink/Grow: A deep dive into Milkweed.
17:15    True or False:   Putting pine needles in a compost bin.
19:39    Love Letters and Questions:  How to take care of a flowering hanging basket.

Learn how to germinate milkweed seeds here. 

If you’re wondering if you can make a large tree small again, the answer is probably no. If you want to keep a tree small, you’ll need to begin pruning very early in its life before it grows past the size you’re interested in.

Milkweed flowers are fragrant and a favorite of bees.


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