Wintergreen, Bromeliads and GMO Seeds

On this winter episode Ellen and C.L. consider a North American native plant that has been a favorite flavoring for gum, tea and toothpaste. We discuss why perennials bloom at a particular time of year, chat about why we love bromeliad plants, and explain how to care for them. At the end of the podcast we answer Paul’s question about GMO seeds. 

:31 What’s For Dinner? Wintergreen – leaves and berries.
6:44 Insider Information: Why do perennials bloom at a particular time?
10:33 Eat/Drink/Grow: Bromeliads – what they are, and how to care for them.
19:57 Love Letters and Questions: Paul wonders if he should worry that the seeds he’s buying are genetically modified.

Here are some wintergreen plants for sale at a garden center in December. They are perfect for winter boxes and pots, as well as for planting in shade gardens.

Since wintergreen is so shade tolerant it’s perfect for places such as the northside of a stone wall.

Bromeliads are exotic and colorful for a long time.

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