Your Outdoor Office, a Deep Dive into Daylilies and Mosquitos

Ellen and C.L. give ideas for making your outdoor office (or Zoom Room) greener. We talk about the maintenance of daylilies, and answer a listener’s question about controlling mosquitos.

:32   Your Outdoor Office: Still working from home? You need greenery.
4:47  Eat/Drink/Grow: A Deep Dive into Daylilies. 
16:58  Love Letters and Questions: Paul asks if there is a natural way to help control mosquitos and if some plants really repel them.

Your outdoor office might be as simp e as a chair with arms wide enough to hold the computer and your coffee…

Daylilies are fantastic when in full flower in mid-summer. But after that they need some care…

Here is how Stella D’Oro daylilies look after they finish flowering but before they are cleaned up and deadheaded.

We are fortunate to have Dramm as one of our sponsors. Here is the rainwand that extends out to water where you don’t ordinarily reach!

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