Zucchini Mania, Plants That Change Spontaneously, and Top Foraging Plants

Hear how to use all the summer squash from your garden, learn about the new foraging calendar from Amber Lotus Publishing, and listen to Ellen give her top plants for foraging in the Midwest and Northeast. In our main segment we’ll talk about why a plant might change growth habits, or develop different foliage and flower colors.

1:30  What’s for dinner:   It’s zucchini mania!
8:45   Insider Information:  Ellen’s Backyard Foraging Calendar is out!
11:32 Eat/Drink/Grow:   Why some plants “revert” changing growth patterns or color
20:31   Love Letters and Questions: Sara asks if Ellen will name her top 5 plants to forage for in the Northeast or Midwest

Here is how the zucchini and onions look when they are caramelized and the sour cream has been dropped into the pan.


The bottom of this dwarf Alberta spruce has reverted – see how the lower branches are so much longer?

These roses are normally pink and white – suddenly there are solid pink flowers on the end of a long stem. Why? Because that stem is coming from below the graft so it’s a different rose plant.

You’ve seen it here first! Ellen’s 2021 Foraging calendar. Available from Amber Lotus  

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