Apricots, Cucamelons, Weed Management and Angels Trumpets

Hear about eating unripe apricots and growing the tiny, tasty cucamelons. Learn how to plant for better weed management, discover the exotic, fragrant Brugmansia plant and learn what thinning seedlings is all about.

:33  What’s for dinner:    Unripe Apricots and cucamelons.
7:04 Insider Information:  Planting for easier weed management.
13:43  Eat/Drink/Grow: Growing Brugmansia, aka Angel’s Trumpets
19:44   Love Letters and Questions:    Kipper wonders what “thinning” means.

They look like tiny watermelons, but Melothria scabra, also known as the cucamelon, taste like cucumbers.

If you see two plants in your vegetable garden, how do you know if they are something you planted or weeds? Look for more, in other parts of the garden. If you see them sprinkled around randomly, and you’ve planted your veggies in a row, you can be pretty sure the random seedlings are weeds. These, are a common weed, Erigeron.

Fragrant beyond belief, these flowers give off the most perfume at night. (The plant is poisonous, btw, so this is NOT what’s for dinner.)

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